Our Philosophy:

In Greek Mythology Icarus and his father Daedalus were imprisoned on the island of Crete with no way to escape.  However, his father did not think like other people as he was an inventor and always saw outside the box.  He was able to build wings made up of feathers and wax, Icarus used those wings to fly off the island and gain his freedom.

However, before Icarus took off, Daedalus warned his son not to fly too close to the sun, nor too close to the sea, but to follow his path of flight.  The goal was to escape from the monotony of being stranded on the island and the wings were built to give Icarus freedom and a better life.  But instead of continuing on with his path to freedom he decided to fly to the sun.  The wax melted and his feathers fell off and Icarus fell into the sea.

In the world of today, the pressures of  ones job and the constant rat race can leave someone feeling imprisoned with a sense that there is no way to escape.  However, much like Daedalus, we think outside of the box and are always looking for ways to “build wings” to help ourselves and others “fly off the island” so they can gain their freedom from the rat race and the frustration of never getting ahead.

Right now people are not trapped on actual islands so no one needs actual wings. The island of today is a metaphor for being trapped by needing to work for income. Most people need to work for their income month in and month out to battle the constant monthly expenses that are incurred in order to live the lifestyle that they want. AS people earn more money they usually take on more expenses. As time goes on and expenses increase, the more essential it becomes that people earn even more. There are many people who earn a lot of money but are still trapped financially on their island of having to work hard for their money and not being able to relax due to the fact that as their income has been increasing so have their monthly expenses.

The wings of today are PASSIVE INCOME. Passive income, is income generated without doing any actual work.  Once your passive income stream is built large enough to cover all of your monthly expenses month in and month out, you now have your “wings” through which you can gain your financial freedom.

There are thousands of ways to invest, but very few actually produce substantial amounts of income for the investor both month in and month out as most forms of investment these days are either VERY low interest rates from the bank or bonds or forms of investments such as mutual funds which are generally designed to increase in value, but do not actually put substantial amounts of money back in your pocket until someone makes the decision to sell and once he or she sells, their investment is gone.

At Icarus Investment Group we offer people 4 primary ways to build their passive income:

You can be a LENDER Icarus Investment Group gives investors high interest returns when they invest their capital as a lender. We SECURE the investors loan and GUARANTY the investor their return by making them 1st Lien holder on the property they lend money to us, for us to buy. We generally give our investor an interest rate between 6-12% depending on the deal. AVERAGE INVESTMENT RETURN FOR LENDERS: 6-12%

You can be an INVESTMENT PARTNER- Icarus Investment Group partners with other companies and individual investors on given deals as large as massive apartment buildings and as small as a single condo. We share equity with the investor in a given unit and the investor gets the percentage of the monthly profit equal to the percent of equity they have on the deal. If Icarus Investment Group chooses to sell the property the investor will also receive their equity percent of the profit generated in the sale. RANGE OF INVESTMENT RETURNS FOR INVESTMENT PARTNERS: 15-22%

You can be a WHOLESALE BUYER- Icarus Investment Group is constantly buying properties that are unoccupied and need some work well below market value. Many of these properties were not even officially on the market. We buy the property. We get it fixed up. We get tenants into the property and we re-sell it to our WHOLESALE BUYER. We also manage the property for you at a fee if the buyer wants that. This option gives the investor 100% equity in a cash flow positive property. RANGE OF INVESTMENT RETURNS FOR WHOLESALE BUYER: 15-25%

You can be a DEAL FINDER- Icarus Investment Group is always looking for great deals. If you want to partner with us in this manner all you need to do is keep your eyes open and when you see a good deal, get in touch with us. We are looking for properties that if we buy outright in cash we would have an annual profit greater than 15% on the money we invested. (FOR EXAMPLE: If you know you can get a property for $100,000 and the monthly costs when you factor in tax, maitenance, and all other expenses is $500 a month and you know the market rental price is $2,000, the monthly profit will be around $1,500 so $18,000 annually. That would mean our return would be 18%, so we WANT TO BUY IT!) If you find a deal, we will work out a deal with you in either giving you a piece of the equity in the property or just giving you an all cash finders fee and if you like the deal we are offering then hand over the purchase contract you negotiated with the seller and when the deal closes you will get your return. DEAL FINDER RETURNS: INFINITY PERCENT (Because the deal finder does not need to invest ANY money, so their return is infinite)

Icarus Investment Group, LLC offers people an opportunity to gain their financial freedom through building up their passive income and giving people their financial freedom.  But just like Icarus, it is important that you follow the path of the flight and resist the temptation to fly too close to the sun.

Frequently asked questions:

Q:How do you build passive income?
Icarus Investment Group, LLC explores many different ways of building passive income for people, mainly through real estate investment cash flow positive properties that yield better than a 10% cash on cash return to investors
Q:How much money do you need to invest and partner with Icarus Investment Group, LLC?
Icarus Investment Group, LLC has partnered with accredited investors who are worth greater than +$10,000,000, people who only have $5,000 to their name, and people who have literally do not even have a cent to invest… For each person there is the right investment and for all these types of investors opportunities were provided that allowed them to begin to build up passive income.
Q:I can build up Passive Income without any money to invest?
YES you can.
Q:How can I build up Passive Income without any money to invest?
Read our book.  It breaks down how you can become a deal finding machine.  When you find a deal that Icarus Investment Group, LLC invests in, you will get a piece of the equity for just finding the type of properties we are looking for. If you prefer, we will just give you cash instead.
Q:If I have money to invest, how else can I build up my Passive Income with Icarus Investment, Group?
If you have money to invest there are many more opportunities for you. You can be a hard money lender for our deals and get a guaranteed high interest rate return. This is the lowest risk option. The other options are being a buyer of our investment properties or just partnering with us on our investment property acquisitions. This will likely yield a much higher return than just being a lender, but these returns are not guaranteed. However, Icarus Investment Group has never on any property returned less than a 10% cash on cash annual return on any investment property.

Icarus Investments Group, LLC is constantly finding deals that fit the model of creating large amounts of passive income.  If you join the investor list you will get emails every time Icarus Investments Group is about to purchase real estate, if you like the deal you can partner up with Icarus Investments Group, LLC on the deal… All the details will be included in the email and the more of the down payment that you fund, the more % ownership you will have when we partner up on the deal CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE INVESTOR MAILING LIST!  The more % you own the more cashflow you receive from the deal.

Icarus Investments Group, LLC is also always looking for loans in the form of personally guaranteed promissory notes.  For those who would rather loan money for high returns, that is also an option. CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING A LENDER.

Q:Can Icarus Investment Group, LLC help me even if I don’t want to partner with them?
YES, there is an ebook written by the founder that shows how he used this strategy to build up $3,500 of MONTHLY PASSIVE INCOME in one year in addition to showing everyone the correct way to buy your own house so that your house CAN BE AN ASSET that can help you grow your passive income and not become liability that cuts into your passive income!

Icarus Investment Group, LLC also has an investment calculator tools that analyze deals for you in seconds. This is available at request from a potential investor.

Icarus Investment Group, LLC also has many other tools that can help you with your finances and help you build your wings to fly to financial freedom.