Investment Specialties:

Icarus Investment Group is a one stop shop for investors. Our specialty is buying distressed condos in short sales, auctions, and foreclosures. We fix the unit up, get it rented, and manage the property.

Residential Development

Rental Properties

Icarus Investment Group specializes in buying rental properties that produce a positive cashflow above 10% and targets markets that have low costs to buy, but high rental costs.


Commercial Investment

Icarus Investment Group also purchases commercial real estate, such as apartment buildings.







Chicago Rental Property

Case Study – Investing in the Chicago market

The Chicago market is very interesting. It is one of the top 5 largest cities in the United States and the biggest city in the Midwest. Despite this, Chicago was one of the hardest hit cities with regards to plumetting housing prices from 2007 until 2010. In some markets within Chicago, housing prices are starting to climb back up. However, in other markets the prices are still testing the lows. Despite the collapse of the Chicago housing market with regards to sales prices, rental prices during this same time period have SKYROCKETED. This unique climate has made Chicago a very attractive city to buy investment properties if you know the right places to look.

Icarus Investment Group has been purchasing properties in Chicago since 2011 with the worst performing investment yielding Icarus a cash on cash return of 18%. This market has also allowed us to accept loans from our hard money lenders that range between 7%-12% with guaranteed returns.

The Challenges:

In today's world as pension plans are a thing of the past, social security income is in jeopardy, and fixed income financial products are returning all time lows there is a bigger need than ever for a safe way to generate monthly passive income.

The Solution:

Through strategic property purchasing, cost effective renovations and full service property management, we keep costs down while keeping units rented. Yielding consistent monthly profits for investors.