Passive income is income generated without doing any actual work. Once your passive income stream is large enough to cover all of your monthly expenses, you have your “wings” to soar to financial freedom.

There are thousands of ways to invest, but few actually produce substantial amounts of income for investors month in and month out. Most investments are either very low interest rates from a bank or bonds, or longer-term investments like mutual funds which are designed to increase in value over time.

It’s important to know the kind of investor you are before investing in the real estate market. Before you invest with Icarus – or with any investment opportunity! – it’s imperative to understand how we do deals. It is our goal to educate our investors on our approach to building passive income, empowering others to build a ripple effect of investment that generates passive income for Americans from coast to coast. We want to share the wealth, and the wisdom.

Become an Investment Partner

The best way to be successful in real estate investing is to collaborate with other investors to expand your opportunities. Connecting with larger investments through networking builds possibility, and the chance for success.

Icarus Investment Group partners with companies and individuals on deals of various sizes and values, from massive apartment buildings to single condos. We share equity with our investors, and investors receive a percentage of monthly profits equal to their percent in the deal. If Icarus Investment Group sells the property, investors will receive their equity percentage of profits generated in the sale.

Icarus only takes investments from accredited investors.

Buy Turnkey Stabilized Properties

Icarus Investment Group acquires properties below market value, that are unoccupied and need work. Many properties are never officially on the market. We acquire properties, renovate as needed, fill units with tenants and either manage the property or sell it to a Wholesale Buyer. We can continue to manage the property at a fee if the buyer wants that. This option gives an investor 100% equity in a cash flow positive property.

Become a Deal Finder

Icarus Investment Group is always looking for great deals. If you want to partner with us in this manner, keep your eyes open and give us a call when you spot a good deal.

We want properties that if we buy outright in cash, would generate an annual profit greater than 15% on the money we invested. If you find a deal, we will work out an arrangement where the deal finder can receive a cash assignment fee at the closing or in certain circumstances can receive an ownership interest in the property that we buy that the deal finder secured.