Icarus Investment Group, driven by the vision of entrepreneur David Pezzola, is dedicated to building passive income streams through residential real estate investment, while transforming American neighborhoods and cities. Founded in 2012, Icarus focuses on finding hidden opportunities where the possibilities are endless. Named for the mythological story about breaking free from imprisonment and not getting distracted from one’s purpose, Icarus is devoted to developing paths to financial freedom for its investors.

“Many Americans today work hard to have nothing. Even those in strong careers have no safety net. We are committed to helping people build passive income streams to support their lifestyle and secure their future,” says David Pezzola.

His entrepreneurial company does this by creating quality, affordable housing in neighborhoods where it is most needed, and making it accessible, attainable, and reliable for residents. Icarus has become known for being a major player in neighborhood and community transformation, renovating and boosting the quality and vision of affordable housing.

Since its founding, Icarus has acquired 1,400 units on Chicago’s South Side and inspired a profound neighborhood transformation. The company is similarly invigorating other iconic American cities through real estate investment, including Detroit (80 units) and Indianapolis (42), replicating its powerful vision where perceptions need changing and endless possibilities bob beneath the surface.

Pezzola’s vision attracts investors to support expansive acquisitions, building a portfolio of income and growth possibilities for all involved. The company’s mission is to inspire others to find clever ways to walk a path to financial freedom and personal independence. In a short time, Icarus has become one of the top players in Chicago’s real estate investment landscape.

The company’s philosophy maintains an eyes-open, preconception-free approach to understanding the residential landscape, advocating measured risks to turn possibility into reality.

“The best investments happens where people don’t see the true value,” Pezzola says. “It’s possible across America, in cities with a slightly under-rated downtown with nearby neighborhoods where people are hesitant to buy. Fear comes from unfamiliarity, not from knowledge. We find convenience, affordability and tomorrow’s hot location and make it accessible for anyone.”